Antony Hopkinson, Printer
Sebright Bantam
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20 Years of Printmaking

I discovered printmaking twenty years ago after a lifetime of painting. I love the strong shapes and colours that come with screen printing. Each print I embark on presents fresh challenges.

The screen is made of fine mesh stretched across a frame. A paper stencil is fixed to the underside of the screen. With a sheet of paper beneath the screen a squeegee pushes ink across the surface of the screen and through the open areas of the stencil onto the paper.

The print may be created in several colours.

Each print is a limited edition normally not more than 20, often fewer and every one is hand pulled.

With creeping old age I have found it a strain to stand for long periods so I have switched from screen printing to collage and found a new way to work with colour and shape.


Recently I have been making collages. These are pictures formed from cut fragments of paper pasted together. If one of my screen prints is not up to standard it can provide the raw materials for a collage.

I am in my eighties and everything takes a bit longer but art keeps me going and there are new ideas in the pipeline. I am blessed with a wonderful wife.

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